Top 10 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website from Social Media

social mediaWhen you realize that the entire point of social media is to drive traffic to your website, which should be the center of your online marketing world, you start to use social media correctly.

Social media is not supposed to be the destination of your followers. No, social media should only be the beginning of a long relationship that involves sharing, interacting, learning, and engaging.

Use social media to remind followers to visit your website for more information, products and services. Use social media as a way to listen to what your audience wants. Use social media as the method by which you become an important industry expert from whom your audience seeks information.

The following tips are used by industry experts, large organizations and businesses alike to drive traffic from social media to their websites. No need to reinvent the wheel, these ten tips work!

Creativity In Action: Viking’s ‘Games Room of Thrones!’

creativity in actionWe all know that one of the best ways to build a happy and hard-working employee base is to show them how much they’re appreciated. In this article, we’re taking a look at a company that obviously knows what creativity looks like when it comes to caring for their employees!

Viking, a global company established in 1960 and now a part of Office Depot, is one of the largest suppliers of office stationery and office products in the world. They employ over 1300 people in the UK, and are proud of the value they provide as well as stellar customer service.

When Viking set out to show their employees just how much they’re appreciated, they chose an amazing creative way to do it – by turning a meeting room into a game room! And not just ANY game room – but one with a ‘Game Of Thrones’-theme!

The Mixology Of Content Marketing [Infographic]

mixology content marketing infographicIf you think content marketing is a necessary – but boring – topic for creative entrepreneurs to learn, take a gander at this!

JBH (a UK-based marketing agency), managed to come up with an anything-but-boring guide to the subject!

This awesome infographic compares different content marketing formats to various cocktails and the ingredients that go into creating them.

For example, “viral content” is compared to a Tom Collins – 1 part strong message, 1 part compelling story, and then finish up with a sour twist or a sweet finish – “depending on what you want to achieve.”

Brilliant! Click on “more” below to see the full infographic!

Creating the Perfect Home Office to Invigorate Creativity

creating the perfect home to invigorate creativity
Guest Post by Modernize

Building a business, especially a creative one, is challenging enough. Add in a chaotic home office (or no office at all), and suddenly your everyday obstacles of being self-employed just got that much harder. We at Modernize understand this struggle and have just the tools to help you build the perfect home office to invigorate your creativity and get your business headed in the right direction.

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