Month: December 2015

The GIANT Gift Guide For Creative Entrepreneurs

gift guide creative entrepreneurs

My GIANT Gift Guide For Creative Entrepreneurs!

If you’re reading this, then you’re either a creative entrepreneur, or you have one on your shopping list! With more and more people starting their own creative businesses, you’re almost certain to know someone who fits this description!

And what do creative entrepreneurs want in their stockings or for their birthdays? Well, in addition to your love and support, they’ll be interested in a wide range of both fun and useful items.

In this gift guide, I’m sharing some of MY favorite things, or things that I personally – as a creative entrepreneur myself – would love to have as a gift. I hope they’re helpful to you in your gift quest as well.

Photography Skills Need Work? Shoot It!

Photography Course - Shoot It

Are Better Photography Skills Party Of YOUR Creative Journey?

I’ve been working HARD this year to get better at all the skills I think will make me better as a blogger and as a creative entrepreneur, and one of these skills is photography!

I found a course, though, that has really, really helped make a difference in my skill – and so I’m recommending it wholeheartedly to you!

Creative Entrepreneur? How To Explain It To Your Grandma!

creative entrepreneur

Creative Entrepreneur – What?

OK – you’re getting ready for the annual family holiday get-together, and realize that this year you’re going to have a lot of explaining to do.

No – not about boyfriends or girlfriends. Not about your haircut or clothing style. About something a little (no – a LOT!) harder for you to explain to your Grandma.

It is… what, in fact, you DO for a living! How in the world do you explain to her that YOU are a “creative entrepreneur?”