Month: August 2014

What Is Creativity Trying To Tell You? (Video)

what is creativity trying to tell you jonathan tilleyThe creative process is as individual as it is universal, and yet there is a secret that creativity itself is yearning to tell us.

Since the age of 9, Jonathan Tilley has performed as a singer, dancer, actor, and gone on to other creative ventures such as a playwright, director, choreographer, author, and voice over artist.

Many different titles, one common thread: Creativity.

5 Ways To Choose A New Craft Hobby

In today’s stressful times, it’s even more important that we all have hobbies or pastimes we enjoy. The right hobby will help take your mind off your troubles, and help you focus on something more creative and pleasant.

Crafting – sometimes called DIY (“Do It Yourself”) – is an excellent hobby choice, but there are lots of different crafts to choose from.