Month: June 2014

Put Yourself At The Scene Of The Crime

Young desperate girl writing with an old typewriter. ConceptualThere’s a time in every project when you hit a wall.

When what you are working on grinds to a halt and inspiration abandons you. The words, or lyrics, or brush strokes just don’t come and you feel lost.

It’s that dreaded Writer’s block. Or Songwriter’s, or Painter’s. Let’s call it Artist’s Block.

Playful Parenting

By Brian Leaf – Excerpted From “Misadventures of a Parenting Yogi”

I feel that Dr. William Sears and I have become old friends. Like a psychotherapist and client who start to have lunch together.

Or maybe more like a doctor and a needy patient.

We spend many happy evenings together on the couch as Dr. Sears advises me from within the pages of our dog-eared copy of The Baby Book. He’s the first one who mentioned the words Attachment Parenting.