Month: February 2014

Q & A with Jennifer Louden – The Life Organizer: A Woman’s Guide to a Mindful Year

There are dozens and dozens of time management books and planner systems on the market.  Why create a new one?

Let me be clear:  I would be lost without Google Calendar. But calendars and traditional time management is only half the picture.  The Life Organizer brings in the other half: our values, our heart, our intuition, and mindfulness.  We need our to-do lists, but there’s another whole part of us that withers if we’re not making time to listen and tune in.

Life Organizing: A Completely New Way to Flow with Time

By Jennifer Louden

Do you feel a pull to be present, to match your pace to the fluid and complex world ours has become? If so, the more traditional approaches to managing your life and structuring your days can hog-tie you, forcing you to relinquish the skills most needed in today’s world – like intuition, emotional intelligence, creativity, and big-picture thinking

I’ve got an alternative. This process, what I call life organizing, is infinitely richer then plotting your days in fifteen-minute increments in your planner.

But one warning: change can be frightening, especially at first. I will ask you, over and over, to trust, to loosen your grip on life.