Month: November 2013

It Takes Creativity To Be Smart

Young Students in Art ClassThe ultimate goal of education is to be able to solve problems in the real world.

For many young children this has meant entering the empirical world of hard core academic training at a very young age.

Parents who fear their children will not be able to compete unless they learn reading and arithmetic early in life, are pushing their children into academics when they are very young.

These parents believe that their children will fall behind in elementary school if they are not exposed to “drill and test” programs in their preschools.

The problem with this line of thought is that it is just plain wrong.

Managing the Creative Process – Corporate Killers of Creativity

man at workA few companies in most every industry gain competitive advantage by deploying superior creativity in product development, operations, and communications.

In the computer industry, Apple produces consistently well-accepted products and superior logistics coupled with well-conceived and implemented communications programs.

In the restaurant industry, McDonald’s shines consistently with superior marketing to attract loyal customers. Most of their direct competitors languish.

Why can some companies get consistently better products and creative services than their competitors?

How to Live Well: Plugging Into Your Creative Cycle

CAGELESS THINKINGTo accomplish anything, you must believe you can do it. After all, there have most likely been those before you who have done it, right?

And if they can do it, so can you. If you don’t believe you can do it, then perhaps you don’t want it badly enough.

You may give up on it, settle for less, or not even try. You may feel completely discouraged.

The trick is to imagine yourself in the act of accomplishing your goal and picturing yourself successfully completing it. Imagine how wonderful you’ll feel!