Month: August 2013

Are You Afraid To Play?

creativity playRemember when you were a child and playing was just a natural part of your life?

To play was your natural instinct, not something that you thought about, judged, or evaluated.

Play is fun and creativity at its best! So what makes you afraid to play now?

How to Boost Creativity at Work

man at workWhen it comes to understanding how to boost creativity at the office, many people are at a loss.

A drab corporate environment isn’t going to help inspire innovation.

But these days, creativity is becoming a sought-after skill in the working world.

Creativity is no longer a trait reserved for people in “artsy” professions; creative thinkers have unsurpassable problem solving skills and are an asset in every line of work.

Unlock Your Creative Secret Weapon

water gun secret weaponIt seems like this week a ton of people have been asking me how they can become more creative.

I even had one client jokingly accuse me of being in cahoots with the Devil in trade for my creativity.

“Where do you get all of your ideas?” he asked.

Well, I have decided to share my secret with you in this issue.

10 Creative Geniuses Named Ken

number 10 bToday, from,  I’ve got an unusual post about creativity to share with you – “10 Creative Geniuses Named Ken!”

“Creative genius, it often seems, is a gift granted at birth. Those who possess such genius are destined to express the gift, regardless of the career or medium that they pursue in life. For these 10 Kens, creativity comes naturally, and their genius is apparent for the entire world to see…”

Check out the full post here –>  “10 Creative Geniuses Named Ken!

How Parallel Thinking Helps To Improve Creativity

Many colored hardhats and gogglesWhen you are asked to present your best thinking hat, do you proceed to inquire: “Which one”?

Then you are by no means an absolute stranger to what is commonly known as the Six Thinking Hats.

This unique technique, popularly used as parallel thinking to improve creativity, was first introduced by Edward de Bono, for initiating and sustaining creative thinking both in individuals as well as groups meetings.

So, are you interested in figuring out how this fancy named Six Thinking Hats technique can be implemented at work?