Month: July 2013

How Crowdfunding Can Bring Creativity to Life

“It’s about having small stakes in big ideas.” – Sponsume

creativity crowdfundingAre you struggling to get a creative project off the ground?

If you have creativity in abundance but lack the capital to get your project moving, you might consider pitching to the crowd.

Crowdfunding embraces creative ideas and raises capital in the form of small donations from hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people.

One of the biggest players in the market, Kickstarter, describes itself as the place to fund and follow creativity.

Creativity in Business – Creative Ideas

man at workWhen we start to bring creativity into our business, we often try to force the creative ideas to flow.

Forcing creative ideas, or forcing ourselves to have them, is the surest way to make them turn tail and run.

Instead, seduce the ideas!

How is that done? Well, first, we must understand the mechanics of how our ideas come to us.

John Cleese on Creativity

In this excerpt from his fantastic 1991 (we think) lecture, John Cleese offers a recipe for creativity, delivered with his signature blend of cultural insight and comedic genius.

Specifically, Cleese outlines “the 5 factors that you can arrange to make your lives more creative”.

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What If I’m Not Creative?

Close up of businesswoman having no idea against a white backgroDo you feel like you got passed over in the creativity department?

When asked to undertake a creative project, whether for personal or professional reasons, do you cringe?

Maybe you have always considered yourself uncreative.

Is that really true? Can people completely lack creativity?

Top Tips For Being More Creative

creativityCreativity isn’t just about all things artistic, although that is one element, it is about how we see the world and how we interact with it. Especially when challenges present themselves.

In the past I’d never really considered myself particularly creative, especially in office environments.

When I had a traditional job I would cringe at those brainstorming meetings where we had to come up with innovative new ideas for the team or the company.

I really wasn’t any good at it. Or maybe I just didn’t care.

Creativity – Changing Your Life Using Affirmations

Multi-colored dots under the word CreativityFostering your creative interests can lead to a more vital and fulfilling life.

To find creative fulfillment you need to eliminate all obstacles that might prevent your becoming creative.

The use of positive affirmations can change negative thoughts and behavior into positive ones and is a powerful method to enhance your creative ability.