Month: May 2013

Leadership Traits – Creativity

man at workCreativity is essential in remaining relevant in a business world now characterized by fast pace and rapid change.

It is needed to stay ahead of competition that has become more and more global and cutthroat.

It is needed not only to solve problems, but to see ahead clearly enough to identify opportunities that others may be missing.

Truly innovative leaders have the ability to see connections across data, ideas, concepts, and past experience. They can then see the patterns and project forward, developing even better ideas and solutions.

9 Practices for Cultivating Creative Aliveness

number 9The following practices came out of 12 years of coaching entrepreneurs to structure their business based on what is most alive for them, using their whole-brain creativity to do it.

The practices are not necessarily in a linear order – you might go back and forth between them.

It’s not as much about a sequence as it is about engaging and responding in the moment: sometimes listening receptively; others times creating actively.

Did You Lose Your Creative Juices?

creativityJust as a trip to a new place can set your imagination off, so can a visit to something old.

If you are looking for ways to spark your imagination, try rekindling things from your past.

Our pasts are rich with memories, some long forgotten, that can be resurrected and built upon even if only as a form of creative outlet.

When I say ‘visit your past,’ I don’t just mean your old neighborhood or long lost friends, though, those can be rich resources for creativity.

Why Is Creativity Important in Business?

Don't Think Outside The Box - Think Like There Is No BoxWhy is creativity important in business?

The opposite of creativity is stagnation in which new ideas and more efficient ways of working are not encouraged.

This is one of the factors that can turn a previously successful organization into one that falls behind and is overtaken by more forward-thinking competitor.

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