Month: January 2013

What Is Creativity?

Creativity is the skill that transforms an average worker into the one every employer wants to have on his team. It is the process that brings something from nothing, and what business doesn’t need that?

Employing creativity at work can make the difference between keeping and losing your job, being chosen or passed over for a promotion, and whether you enjoy or hate your hours on the clock.

Are You A Creative Meathead?

Man holding calculator.Remember Archie Bunker’s description of what a Meathead was on All in the Family?

Dead, from the neck up!

When it comes to creativity, innovation, coming up with ideas that magically turn into money – are you alive?

Creativity & Your Budget

colorful charts, calculator and glassesWhat could possibly be less whimsical than managing your finances? The darkness and avoidance that seems to surround a household budget that’s under stress seems to be a creativity killer if ever there was one.

Realistically, families come up with imaginative and creative solutions to care for their families every day; they just don’t realize it because they know that they will face the same problems until the next paycheck. Stress about money surprisingly can be a creativity builder.

Teaching Kids Creativity Through Science

Creativity is a subjective thing, usually considered an inherent trait and one most often associated with “soft” school subjects such as music and art class.

You either have creativity or you don’t, right? But is that really true? Can kids in particular be taught how to be more creative and can that happen in science class? I happen to think so and here’s why.

Drawing On Creativity – How To Trick Your Brain

girl drawing a tree on screenCan you draw?

Your answer to that question reveals a surprising amount about your brain and the way you integrate your right and left hemispheres. (In this article, the left side will be referred to as the dominant one, which is by far the most likely scenario.)