Month: December 2012

Is Your Creativity Bringing You Joy Or Pain?

Drama Masks - Happy SadDo you know the one thing lacking from the lives of most of the people today? Creativity. So few people seem to be in touch with their creative sides.

You don’t need to be a dedicated artist, musician or writer in order to express your creativity. All of us are creative; it’s our natural state of being.

Why Do We Need Creativity?

question markCreativity is central to the management of our individual lives, but in modern times few people are able to access this as a resource. Alan Watts writes in The Wisdom of Insecurity:

“We have allowed brain thinking to develop and dominate our lives out of all proportion to ‘instinctual wisdom’; which we are allowing to slump into atrophy. As a consequence we are at war within ourselves – the brain desiring things which the body does not want, and the body desiring things that the brain will not allow; the brain giving directions which the body will nor follow, and the body giving impulses which the brain cannot understand…So long as the mind is split, life is perpetual conflict, tension, frustration and disillusion. Suffering is piled on suffering, fear on fear, and boredom on boredom.

Madly in Love with Me – Q & A with Author Christine Arylo

Picture of Christine AryloLast week we had an article from Christine Arylo entitled “Be Nice To Yourself”

Today, we are fortunate enough to have a Q&A article from Christine, the author of the newly published “Madly in Love with Me“!


Isn’t loving yourself selfish or narcissistic?

Self-love is so misunderstood. If you looked self-love up in the dictionary, yes, it is defined as conceit, vanity and narcissism but whoever came up that definition has it all wrong. People who do suffer from narcissism or excess vanity actually lack love for themselves. Their extreme self-centeredness and unawareness of their impact on others is really a cover for a deep sense of inferiority, a fear of connection and a low self-worth. Thankfully, narcissism isn’t contagious and most people don’t need to worry about being too selfish. If anything, they need to give to themselves more.

The Universe In A Wine Glass: Wine & The Search for Creativity

The Universe in a glass of wine
Wine has been a source delight for humankind since the most ancient of days. The muse that flows out of wine containers into the glass has been rousing humanity’s creative prowess for the last 3500 years. Fritz Allhoff notes in his book, Wine & Philosophy, that “by 2500 BCE, wine was being cultivated on Crete” (Allhoff 1). Of all the alcoholic drinks, none has stirred the imagination like wine. It has infused men and women with the desire to write songs and poetry and literature that have been the cornerstones of cultures. Thucydides, a 5th century Greek historian said, “The peoples of the Mediterranean started to emerge from barbarianism when they learnt to cultivate the olive and the vine” (Allhoff  46). In order for wine to be capable of elevating the human soul and stimulating the creative mind, magic must take place during the wine-making process.