Month: September 2012

The Value Of Creativity

Everything Will Be Alright book coveThe first time Doug Wallace, author of the bestselling memoir, Everything Will Be All Right, saw a library; he was awed by the presence of thousands of books stacked floor to ceiling.

His young mind couldn’t grasp the concept of one person reading all those books, yet he couldn’t stop thinking about that possibility. Getting his hands on a book was an impossible challenge during those early years.

Is Rock Bottom The Corner Stone Of Creativity?

Christopher Melotti Photograph“Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life”– JK Rowling.

I consider myself to be a writer: I write music, lyrics, novels and articles. Hence why I believe myself to be a creative person, which comes with it’s amazing ups and frustrating downs.

Often, inspiration needs to be spurred, and so I often turn to successful writers to learn from them and their experiences, in order to focus and enlighten my own.