Month: August 2012

Expressing Creativity

watercolor paints set photoCreativity is dormant in most of us. It only needs a nudge, and it transforms itself into art. As children, we are given crayons and paper to scribble on. This is a slow build-up to developing creativity.

The scribbles transform into stick figures identified as family members, then nature influences the mind and transforms it further into flowers and trees.

Being Creative Is Hard Work

Picture of a construction workerAs a Trainer, being creative when you are designing a training event is vital to make you stand out from the crowd.

Being creative though is not something that comes automatically when looking at a blank computer screen.

So how do you make your creative streak come forward? There are many theories and thoughts about how you can force this but, creativity, I believe, cannot be forced. You might be on a tight deadline in which case you might have to work extra hard to be creative.

Unleash Your Creativity & Think Your Way Out Of The Box

Watercolor Image Of  FlamingosThe brain is a strange organ.

It works in ways we don’t yet understand and manages to create everything we see. Working at odds with the rest of the body it performs best when we’re not consciously trying and it is exactly this right-hemisphere activity that contributes to some of our most creative moments.