Month: July 2012

Re-Energize Your Brain

Handdrawed Light Bulb Symbol.We all use tools in our work, and all of these tools need to be re-energized in some way over time.

They need to be polished, sharpened, refurbished. They need new spark plugs or a tune up. Some times they even need new batteries.

Creativity – Getting Out Of The Box

Think Outside The Box tic-tac-toeLeadership, especially in times of change, depends increasingly on the ability of managers, professionals and even front line workers to think and do things differently. In other words, to get out of the box!

So, how do we get out of the box especially when most people are comfortable staying with the tried and true rather than exploring and championing new ideas? Here are tips to jolt your mind and start thinking more creatively.

Enhancing Creativity In Your Child By Blogging

Male student using laptop outsideWhat is creativity? Can it be learnt? Is it a special talent that you are born with? Do only some people have it or is it present in everyone?

We can think of creativity as the ability to make something unexpected out of something ordinary. It can be expressed through art: Drawing a new and unexpected perspective of an ordinary scene; through words: Writing a story with an unusual ending; or through crafts: Using common materials to make extraordinary objects.

Mindfulness & Creativity – The Wow Of Wonder

Wow comic book illustrationYou are so creative.

Don’t deny it. Whether or not you consider yourself a creative type, the truth is that you are constantly creating ideas.

Mindfulness invites you to be aware of this constantly flowing river, and offers an opportunity to choose to sit beside it instead of swimming in it. By watching the ideas from that calm riverbank, you can more clearly see the ones that float to the top and sparkle in the sun.