Month: April 2012

The Little – But Really Useful – Guide to Creativity

Leo Babuta Photograph

Leo Babauta

“The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.” – Albert Einstein

It’s easier than ever to be creative, to create, to imagine and make what’s imagined become reality.

It’s also tougher than ever, with distractions surrounding us in ways never before imagined.

No matter what kind of creative type you are — writer, painter, musician, marketer, blogger, photographer, designer, parent, business owner — you are likely always looking for inspirations, for ways to let loose your creative genius.

9 Ways To Live Creatively

number nineCreativity according to Websters it means having the ability or power to create; characterized by originality and expressiveness; imaginative.

OK that sounds great, wouldn’t we all like to be more creative every day? Sometimes the hardest part to trying something new is the first step. Here are nine inspired steps to help you start living a creative way of life:

Tips For Escaping A Creative Rut

Tired female student at the library looking very frustratedWe’ve all been there.

Reaching the point where we want to create, or move forward in the middle of the creative process, but simply can’t.

Whether it is writer’s block, a project stand-still, or your inability to move forward with an art piece, it feels as though there is nowhere to go. However, you must shake this feeling; it’s neither helpful nor productive.

Here are tips for escaping a creative rut.

Courage & Creating

woman screaming in fearDoing anything creative often brings up fears, anxieties, insecurities. Courage may be defined as going ahead in spite of fear.

But many creators not only live with their fears, they welcome them!

Fear is perhaps the most basic emotion we have. As Leonardo da Vinci reportedly said, “Fear arises sooner than anything else.”

Writer Julia Cameron has commented that artists are often terrified. Being creative is venturing into the unknown, and it sets off emotional alarms.

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