Month: March 2012

15 Foundations For Facilitating Creativity At Work

Business TeamThe following are lessons learned and insights gleaned from my trial and error of facilitating creative process with hundreds of individuals and organizations over the past 12 years.

It requires a different focus, skill set, way of being and “container creation” than facilitating analytical processes. Below are some of the many principles and practices I’ve learned or discovered that work.

Can Getting Creative Reduce Your Stress?

Pretty young Asian woman sitting in green chair with eyes closed and hands on her head.What if I told you I have a way for you to release some of your stress? Would you be interested?

I have found with many clients, including myself, that if we can give ourselves permission to let our creative juices come out to play, we can actually reduce our stress levels.

Yes it is true, letting the kid inside us come out to play and getting creative will often help reduce your stress level.

How A Creation Box Can Work For You

picture of a colorful boxBring to mind a time when you decided that you wanted something in your life; a vacation, a special book, or a household item.

Did you notice that things relating to what you were wanting appeared out of nowhere–either you overheard someone talking about it, noticed an advertisement, a billboard or even junk mail?

This, my friends, is the power of the Law of Attraction at work.

Improve Your Children’s Creativity

kids at playEvery child is born creative. Each and every child is blessed with a set of unique skills and talents which only require to be polished.

We need to identify their talent and interests and help them work towards it. Each and every child, and adult, has a spark of creativity. We just need to awaken it.

Every time children create something new, it is a result of their observation, understanding and expression of their surroundings.

Get Out Of The Box: 3 Ways To Activate The Creativity Within

Think Outside The Box tic-tac-toeAs Adam Webster explained in his January article, “The Cage,” we’re raised and educated to think the same. 

In our conventional cage, creativity is stifled, and cookie-cutter “ideas,” are all that are emitted.  Convention is something engrained into us, and it’s hard to undo how society has told us to think and act. 

The band Spoon conveys this concept in the simplest way that I’ve ever seen or heard in their song “The Underdog.”  Their lyrics, “I want to forget how convention fits.  Oh, but can I get out from under it?  Can I cut it out of me?”