Month: January 2012

Book Review – Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance

Uncertainty Book CoverAbout the Author
In Uncertainty, Jonathan Fields knows whereof he speaks! He actually gave up a six-figure income as a lawyer to become a personal trainer paid just $12 an hour.

Only three months after his daughter was born, he signed a lease to open a new yoga center in NYC, only to have the world fall to pieces the next day – 9/11.

The fact that he survived (and thrived!) in those uncertain times to go on to create successful business ventures and write several well-received books shows us that his methods work.


The Cage

CAGELESS THINKINGOnce we go to school, or perhaps long before that, we are coerced into putting all of our thoughts and ideas into a cage which is then labeled ‘preconceptions and limitations’ or ‘reality check.’

We are not born with, or in a cage, the cage is more a sort of family heirloom, passed down by previous generations of children, parents and, crucially, educators. Some cages are bigger than others and some cages even grow, or at least stretch, as time goes by.


A Quick Course in Creativity

arts_a_head2This quick course in creativity is designed to give you a platform to stand on as we look at the various ways you can handle home, social and workplace situations, job-search details and career-path decisions. Let’s examine what creativity might look like.

12 Ways To Boost Your Creativity At Work

twelveAs workplaces continue to rightsize and downsize, we all find ourselves doing more with less.
How do we stay ahead of the workload while staying sane?

The key is to put your creativity to work for you so you can do more with less and shine like never before.

Ways To Increase Creativity Using A Vision Board

Are you living your life by design or life by default?

A longtime friend of mine came to visit me, we spent 2 days going for walks talking about things we could do together she mentioned that she would like to be creative but never really does it.

So in the evenings we decided to start on a Vision Board experience.