Month: December 2011

Quiz – Are You Creative?

Quiz BlackboardWorried you may not be creative or you may not be creative enough? This quiz will help you find out just how creative you are!

Take a piece of paper and number it from one to seven.

For each question, write down the corresponding letter of your answer.

Two Creativity Tips

Tips Letters hanging strings with blue sackcloth background.For better ideas and more creative solutions to your problems, try these creativity tips.

The two creativity tips that follow suggest two of the dozens of basic questions you can ask to increase the creativeness of your thinking.

Ask these as you work on something, and you can see more creative results today.

Your Creativity Quotient – How To Boost It

Slice of fresh limeWe don’t have a precisely-numbered measure of your “creativity quotient,” yet, like we have for your intelligence quotient, or “IQ.”

But tests which do try to measure your creative ability generally look at three criteria. These are the quantity of your ideas, their originality, and the possible usefulness or “quality” of those ideas.

With that in mind, here are some techniques for doing better in all three areas.

I Give Intuition A Big Thumbs Up!

imaginationWhen you want something, your imagination will show you five dozen ways you can get it.

The next thing your fertile creativity does is open up a clear, wide channel to your intuitive gut feelings—your built-in guide to choosing the best option.

Here’s where things get tricky. You may have two different internal conversations going on. You have strong feelings about both the need to play it safe and the need to take on a fresh challenge.

One of the most common questions I get is, “How do I tell the difference between what my mind is thinking and what my intuition is saying?

Uncorking Your Creative Thinking

corksCreative thinking is how we as human beings evolve on a cognitive level.

Our ability to utilize our problem solving skills lead to innovative solutions that allow our society to make advancements previously thought impossible.

Thinking outside the box is what separates us from many other life forms even if the results are not always for the better.

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