Month: October 2011

Who Wants To Be A Creative Genius?

Hand draw light bulb on white backgroundCan you learn creativity?

Have you ever watched Robin Williams do a stand-up routine? Could so much creativity and spontaneity result from a highly organized approach?

Definitely. Wild and funny thoughts don’t come from nowhere.

Comedians have habits of mind, and even the most spontaneous ones get better with practice, because they’re training their brains to find the humor in situations.

Why You Should Build Creativity In The Workplace

Have you ever wondered if your company could benefit from becoming more creative? 
Computer keyboard concept
Do you long to be the next Apple or Google? 

Then this article will help you understand how creativity and innovation go hand-in-hand, and why you should start building it into your company.

Creativity – Self Help Guide

self helpCreativity is a wonderful gift, and covers a whole spectrum of subjects.

A lot of us, however, are under the impression that we have no creativity in us, well you`re wrong!

Creativity can mean absolutely anything, if you come up with an idea and follow it through you have created something, simple as that!

Creativity: Why Bother? 10 Benefits Of Expressing Your Creativity

Number 10As a child, you may have yearned to play the piano professionally, to act on Broadway, to write a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel.

Perhaps you mentioned your aspirations to someone and were met with laughter or the assurance that there was no money in it.

You swallowed your creative dreams and satisfied yourself with listening to music on the radio, to reading books or watching movies.

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