Month: August 2011

Creativity As A Treasure Hunt

aged treasure map, ruler and old brass compass on wooden table top viewIt’s not enough to be creative, you have to be creative at something.

Creativity is a doing, rather than a being.

The doing comes from discovering goals, and achieving them. I say discovering goals, rather than setting goals, because we’re good at setting goals — New Year’s resolutions spring to mind—but then forgetting all about them.

Usually we forget about the goals we set as New Year’s resolutions because the goals, although worthwhile in themselves, weren’t “real” for us.

Breaking Crayons Produces Creativity

crayons“Class, now take out your pretty crayons.”

“Remember we want to keep them neat.”

“Handle them carefully. We don’t want to break them.”

Across the United States school teachers continually tell their students this daily.

But why? Are they trying to teach them orderliness or how to use some wonderful tools?

Creativity For Success

Creative ThinkingCreativity and innovation are important keys to success in today’s rapidly changing world.

Process improvement, problem solving, recruiting, retaining and motivating employees, decision making, dealing with limited resources, satisfying customers, and rapidly changing technology are all examples of business realities that require creative solutions.

Yet, innovative thinkers are often tough to find today.

5 Ways To Promote Creativity In The Workplace

Business TeamYou have a staff of people with different backgrounds and experiences – a diverse group that has a lot to offer if given the chance.

Think of the possibilities for creativity and innovation.

Most workplaces don’t even think about ways to bring out the creativity in their employees and they are missing out on a vast array of improvements and innovations that are wasting away in the minds of their workforce.

Why not make a few simple changes and start harnessing the creative side of your employees?

Developing A Daily Personal Practice

People practicing yogaOne of the crucial steps toward living an authentic, self-actualized life is spending quality time alone.

This is not always easy in today’s frantic 24/7 world, but I know from my own practice of yoga that a daily, routine practice that assists us in connecting with our own soul is vital to our emotional, spiritual, and physical health.

Here are some thoughts on incorporating ‘me time’ into your schedule.

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